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Add Some Power To Your Workout (Video)

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Add Some Power To Your Workout (Video)

One of the most neglected components of fitness training for the general public is power development. We tend to think of power– strength training at high speeds– as being for athletes only. As I wrote in the Los Angeles Times in 2008, every time we get out of a chair, climb stairs or react to a fall we use power. And since power declines at twice the rate of strength as we age it makes sense to include some power training in your workout.

At Bruce Cohn Fitness all of our clients do Kettlebell swings, Medicine Ball throws and Battling Ropes as ways to improve power and burn more calories. Our young athletes also perform Olympic lifts along with jumps, hops and bounds. Each is coached to not only produce power but to absorb force as part of training programs. Check out this video:

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