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Dumbbell Row Video Blog

As I began reviewing my early instructional videos I was quite pleased to see that I had released this video early on to reflect the importance I place on performing pulling movement patterns. The dumbbell row is a horizontal pulling pattern designed to stimulate drawing your shoulder blades down and in. This helps to counter…
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Front Plank Video

Today‚Äôs video demonstrates the first series of exercises our clients perform to develop core stability. To me core stability simply means having no movement in your spine while resisting either extension (the hips dropping towards the floor causing a caving in of the spine), lateral flexion (the side of your body resisting caving in to…
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Split Squat Video

I believe that this demonstration of the split squat was the first video we posted on Facebook. I chose to start with this exercise because of the importance I place on lower body strength training with my clients and in my own workouts. At this stage of life there is nothing more important to me…
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