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Winter Fitness Tips

Here are my thoughts on New Year’s resolutions and fitness which were recently published in the Greater Newburyport Mothers and Families Club newsletter. In the interest of full disclosure, I am writing this article in late November. And, truth be told, I am already sick of the cold, gray and wet weather. Perhaps that’s good…
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Training The Challenging Client

About a month ago I was finishing taking a prospective new client’s medical and injury history and running him through a movement assessment that I use to evaluate all of my potential clients. As he described his various orthopedic and cardiovascular issues he said to me, “I’ll probably be the most challenging client you work…
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Dumbbell Row Video Blog

As I began reviewing my early instructional videos I was quite pleased to see that I had released this video early on to reflect the importance I place on performing pulling movement patterns. The dumbbell row is a horizontal pulling pattern designed to stimulate drawing your shoulder blades down and in. This helps to counter…
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Front Plank Video

Today’s video demonstrates the first series of exercises our clients perform to develop core stability. To me core stability simply means having no movement in your spine while resisting either extension (the hips dropping towards the floor causing a caving in of the spine), lateral flexion (the side of your body resisting caving in to…
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Split Squat Video

I believe that this demonstration of the split squat was the first video we posted on Facebook. I chose to start with this exercise because of the importance I place on lower body strength training with my clients and in my own workouts. At this stage of life there is nothing more important to me…
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Why I Am Writing Again

Recently we updated the look and feel of BruceCohnFitness.com. As I read and amended the various pages, I realized that I had not written an original blog for almost 18 months. Some of that was because I chose to concentrate on creating instructional videos of more than two dozen exercises which have appeared on my…
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Balance Training for skiing

Balance Training for Skiing

A few weeks ago I was contacted by writer for a skiing blog who wanted to interview me about the importance of balance training for adult skiers. He had come across an article I had written in the Boston Globe about balance training (you can access that article right here in this section). It gave…
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Everything You’re Doing in the Gym Just Might Be Wrong

You’re a busy person who knows it’s important to be fit. You want to be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck while training in the gym. And as a strength coach who focuses on performance, I want the same for my clients. But too often the workouts I see are not effective…
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Collage For CFSC

Knowing the “Why” Behind Your Training

This past weekend, and for the month prior, I prepared and tested to become certified as a Functional Strength Coach. After 25 years of coaching/training experience you might well ask why I would want to add a new set of initials after my name that most people probably won’t recognize. Throughout the course of my…
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How We Train For Successful Aging (Video)

Last January I was approached by Jill Ramsdell, the Engage Life Director at Atria Merrimack Place in Newburyport, to help make the fitness classes at this senior living community better. Jill had come to realize that the classes need to include more exercises that targetted core strength, mobility and balance for her senior residents. And…
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