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Save Your Back Stabilize Your Spine (Video)

Our third video on movement patterns in our series “If You Don’t Take Care of Your Body Where Are You Going To Live?” is about how we train the core to protect the spine.

Save Your Back Strengthen Your Legs (Video)

Our second part of “If You Don’t Take Care of Your Body, Where Are You Going To Live?” shows knee dominant exercises (think bending at the knees) to strengthen your legs and preserve your back. Variations of these exercises are part of your daily fitness program at Bruce Cohn Fitness.

If You Don’t Take Care of Your Body, Where Are You Going to Live? (Video)

More than a catchy headline, this question is one we all need to think about when it comes to exercise and how we make our way in the world. And it is true at every stage of your life. The choices we make in our work and in our play affect our bodies and cause…
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Good News About Strength Training and Aging

As a personal trainer and strength coach I am privileged to be able to see the incredible gains my clients make physically, mentally and emotionally. Nowhere is this more evident than with aging Baby Boomers. A 2007 research study¬†found that strength training twice a week not only decreased functional decline in the elderly, but that…
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Having Fun While Getting Fit (Video)

You may think of working on getting fit as a grind involving weights and endless time on the treadmill. Check out this video of a training session using ladders, PVC pipe, medicine balls and battling ropes that is both playful and effective.

What To Expect From Personal Training

Recently I was interviewed on the Amesbury Cable Channel about fitness and nutrition. When asked about how a person should start exercising, I suggested that there could be real benefits from working with a personal trainer. Perhaps the better question is what should you expect from making this investment? Here are the principles I follow…
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Note About Boston Globe Articles

I have added some of the fitness and health topics I wrote about over 10 years ago for the Boston Globe. And you might be wondering, as I did at first, if this information is outdated. I am quite pleased to say that these articles stand up well to the test of time. It is…
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