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Dumbbell Row Video Blog

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Dumbbell Row Video Blog

As I began reviewing my early instructional videos I was quite pleased to see that I had released this video early on to reflect the importance I place on performing pulling movement patterns. The dumbbell row is a horizontal pulling pattern designed to stimulate drawing your shoulder blades down and in. This helps to counter the effects of modern day living where our shoulders tend to be rounded forward while we drive, work on computers or text on our phones.

The result of these activities is that the muscles of our upper back can get locked into a lengthened and weakened position. Muscles have an ideal length for generating force and when a muscle is “locked long” it is weaker and less able to do the job it is intended to do. Performing a strength exercise like the dumbbell row both strengthens the upper back muscles while restoring them to a more appropriate length. In simple terms, less upper back, neck and shoulder pain along with better posture.

My client Lisa’s demonstrations of the exercise progressions and regressions are spot on. She began working with me as an experienced lifter and has dealt with her own fair share of neck and back pain during her fitness quest. I am pleased to say she is feeling great and making me look a lot smarter than I actually am.

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