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Front Plank Video

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Front Plank Video

Today’s video demonstrates the first series of exercises our clients perform to develop core stability. To me core stability simply means having no movement in your spine while resisting either extension (the hips dropping towards the floor causing a caving in of the spine), lateral flexion (the side of your body resisting caving in to the side) or rotation (the spine rotating). The Front Plank is therefore an anti-extension core exercise.

When a new client comes to me I always have them perform a front plank for 30 seconds as part of their movement assessment. If they can hold the initial position for 30 seconds I know they will be ready to add instability or movement into their front plank progressions during training sessions. I’m not a fan of planks held in one position for more than 30 seconds as I would always prefer to add instability (holding the plank on a BOSU or stability ball) which, unfortunately, is not shown in today’s video. Clients will also be challenged to add some movement in their periphery (rowing, reaching or sliding) while preventing movement in the spine.

The main correction I would make to this video demonstration would be to have Lisa lower her backside towards the floor in the baseline video. You want a straight line running from the back of your head down to your heels so that the back of your body looks like a board. I have begun paying more attention to having my clients’ heels point straight up to the ceiling to maintain the proper position. I also encourage clients to think of pulling their elbows in towards their hips as they hold the plank position to encourage deep abdominal muscle contraction. The Body Saw exercise that Lisa demonstrates is a highly advanced progression of the front plank incorporating whole body movement with no movement in the spine. This exercise definitely needs to be worked up to in your core training regimen.

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