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Having Fun While Getting Fit (Video)

You may think of working on getting fit as a grind involving weights and endless time on the treadmill. Check out this video of a training session using ladders, PVC pipe, medicine balls and battling ropes that is both playful and effective.

A Few Quick Thoughts About Nutrition (10+ Years Later)

If you’ve read my post on “Eating and Exercise Habits” (written in 2004 and published both on BruceCohnFitness and Facebook), I’m betting that the part of the article you found most useful were the suggestions for buying and cooking food. And that’s how it should be. As I reviewed the information on nutrients I found…
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What To Expect From Personal Training

Recently I was interviewed on the Amesbury Cable Channel about fitness and nutrition. When asked about how a person should start exercising, I suggested that there could be real benefits from working with a personal trainer. Perhaps the better question is what should you expect from making this investment? Here are the principles I follow…
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Note About Boston Globe Articles

I have added some of the fitness and health topics I wrote about over 10 years ago for the Boston Globe. And you might be wondering, as I did at first, if this information is outdated. I am quite pleased to say that these articles stand up well to the test of time. It is…
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Rethinking the push-up

Whenever I walk into a gym and see people working out on a bench press machine, I want to scream: “Get off of there and do some push-ups!” Weight training does improve strength and endurance, but it has limitations, while some of the old standbys, like the push-up, are not only more functional but are…
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Improving your balance – The Boston Globe

Most of us have marveled at an athlete’s ability to stay upright after being hit, balance on a narrow beam, or stick a landing. Yet we take our own use of balance for granted, even though we rely on this skill in every movement that we make: stretching for a forehand in tennis, removing a…
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Your eating, exercise habits are equally important

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from years of helping people reach their fitness goals it’s that no one plans to fail, but too many of us fail to plan. In no area of wellness is this truer than nutrition. No matter what your age or level of athletic activity, how you eat is as…
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Partner exercises are twice as good for you, and double the fun…

…and an excellent way to connect with a friend Couples do a lot of things together, but exercise? Other than being tennis partners or jogging on weekend mornings, there wouldn’t seem to be a lot of togetherness in the world of working out. Think about it, though: Exercising together means you both stay in shape…
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