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Note About Boston Globe Articles

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Note About Boston Globe Articles

I have added some of the fitness and health topics I wrote about over 10 years ago for the Boston Globe. And you might be wondering, as I did at first, if this information is outdated. I am quite pleased to say that these articles stand up well to the test of time.

It is still important to do body weight training; still important to prepare properly for movement and critically important to understand the importance of how we eat if we want to improve or maintain optimal health. What I am saying is that we must keep the “first thing” first. This is not to say that fitness training is static; it’s not. But we need to know why we are trying a new exercise or diet and evaluate it from how it works for our bodies, minds and spirits.

I look forward to sharing some of my current thinking in the days and weeks ahead but, for now, please enjoy some of my past work.

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