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Training Philosophy:

Everything you do, whether sedentary or active, affects your body, mind and spirit. Your body adapts in either positive ways Рimproved mobility, strength and tone Рor negative ways Рinjury, pain and weakness. Our training programs work to enhance performance and repair imbalances. Bruce Cohn Fitness provides solutions that improve the way you move in the real world.


General Fitness Programs

These programs are individualized for clients seeking to improve general fitness levels in the midst of leading busy lives. Your ability to perform the 5 body core movements is analyzed and your program is made specific to improving those movements in light of your fitness goals. Nutritional advice and homework are available.

Athletic Performance and Development

These programs focus on improving power, speed, strength and agility while reducing the prospect of injury. They are available for student-athletes as well as the weekend warrior. As with any of our programs, the effects of repetitive movements are counterbalanced with corrective and restorative exercises. Nutritional advice and motivational strategies are offered.

Healthy Aging

These programs are geared to add life to your years and actively address the consequences of sedentary aging. Specific exercises are used to improve the mobility, stability and strength necessary for activities of daily living. Clients struggling with “boomeritis”, those chronic injuries associated with recreational activities (tennis/golf elbow, low back pain etc.), will find this program especially useful. Rehab and corrective exercises are used to bridge the gap from physical therapy to successful participation in the game of life.

Small Group Training

Training with a partner or partners is an effective and economical way to improve fitness. A supportive group setting increases motivation, accountability, friendly competition and the all important fun factor. A private training session is strongly encouraged prior to the group’s first meeting so that the workouts can be tailored to meet both individual and collective goals.