Meryl Goldsmith
 Having Bruce as a personal trainer has made all the difference in the world as I strive to meet my fitness goals. He's always prepared with an exercise plan that is interesting, challenging and fun. Thanks Bruce! 
Kina Gulak Forman
 Wherever you fall on the fitness scale or whatever your ability or stage in life, Bruce Cohn can help you achieve your goals. I highly encourage that you check him out! 
Mary Aceto
 Bruce is the real deal! Not only a great trainer but someone who is knowledgeable, respectful and a great communicator. I have gained strength, stamina, muscle, tone and confidence working with him and he has shown me how to modify what I do in the gym to home workouts. If you have ever been intimidated about hiring a trainer....too fat, too skinny, too old, too out of shape, too expensive, too difficult...think again! Make an appointment with Bruce and you will be happy you did! 
Jeff Wood
 After numerous knee surgeries on both knees I was concerned about finding a trainer that could know my limits and also know how to push me , Bruce is a perfect fit. 
Shea Fitzgibbons
 Bruce is one of the most gracious guys I have the pleasure of knowing! Each workout with him is an education about the body, an appreciation for its design and the Designer. Bruce is my coach, educator, and friend. Give him the opportunity to be yours too! 
Gig Michaud
 I just hired Bruce Cohn as my personal trainer, and I have to tell you that Bruce's approach is so different, more focused, and very well organized. He worked muscles that I didn't even know I had. He also stretched my muscles in a way that they have never been stretched before, and I have played sports my entire life, up to 60 years old. Wow, what an incredible workout. Bruce Cohn is well worth the investment!!!! 
Sean Toomey
 Bruce has helped my entire mind, body and soul. I was so run down from 2 jobs, kids and life. Spending a few sessions per week with him has been amazing. It had been along time since I exercised. He has been tailoring the sessions perfectly and I feel great! Thanks Bruce!! I love coming to see you, see you Friday!! 
Don Meskie
 What a revelation this has been! I am a 63 year old serious skier who, after double knee replacements, came to Bruce for help. After several months of training I can't wait for the snow to fly and am looking forward to this season in a way that I have not felt for several years. His training schedule, upbeat and courteous manner, and ability to keep me focused on my needed improvements have made all the difference in my world! Thank you!